Focusing on emerging topology instead of static surface, Slow Ribbons is a two-fold project by DesignLab students. The above video and a printed publication reveal different views on works developed in the course of Wild Things, a class about the trade-offs and dynamisms underlying the production of distinct representations of properties such as distinct color. Acknowledging the violence of static reflections, Wild Things explored potential agency at intersections and interferences, asking how visibilities are conditioned and how surfaces break down. Slow Ribbons is how functions shift and forms morph: a creeping topology.

Thank you to Arif Kornweitz for the Wild Things classes, lectures and tutoring. Thank you to Theo Demans for the exhibition design workshop.

Video animation, edit & sound by Aurélia Noudelmann
Illustrations of the works by Layla Gijsen
Website by Rebecka Hultman & Ingrid Björklund